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“Ice cube” PluG-In relays wIth sPade base l Industrial Rated 300V, 15 A Relay in 2- and 3-Pole Hook-Up Wire Range: 12 to 22 AWG solid or stranded Compatible Hold Down Spring: PQC-1351

D5PF2At 2PDT 8-pin relay, 24 Vac coil voltage, requires D5PA2 relay socket D5PF2At1 2PDT 8-pin relay, Terminal Block Relays · Tube Base Relays · Ice Cube · Flange Mount Power Relays “Ice cube” PluG-In relays wIth octal base. 2 Dimensions: mm (in) To Order MoDel no. DeSCRiPTion D3PF2AA DPDT relay, 8 pin octal, 120 Vac coil voltage, requires D3PA2 socket D3PF2AT DPDT relay, 8 pin octal, 24 Vac coil voltage, requires D3PA2 socket D3PF2AT1 DPDT relay Schematic Diagram Terminal Arrangement (Bottom View) 6 7 3 5 4 8 Additional Information. Allen-Bradley® relays and

timers are part of the Rockwell Automation® Essential Components line. Learn more about how these industrial building blocks can streamline your installation, improve uptime and decrease

maintenance—ultimately helping lower your costs. SPST relay (NO contact) A coil of wire wrapped around a laminated iron core provides the magnetic field necessary to actuate the switch mechanism. A DPDT “ice cube” relay is shown in the following Industrial control relays usually have connection diagrams drawn somewhere on the outer shell to indicate which pins connect to which 781 SPDT Ice Cube Relays 20 Amp, SPDT Operation WIRING DIAGRAM [27.09] NEMA - IEC OBSERVE POLARITY The Series 782 Electromechanical Ice Cube Relayis a full-featured DPDT relay that can be used to switch two different devices with a single trigger. With a rating of 15 amps, Eaton D3PF2AT-A2 Relay, Ice Cube, D3, 8 Pin, 16A, 24VAC, 2PDT, General Purpose General Purpose Relay, 24V AC Coil, DPDT, Contact Rating: 16 Amp. Terminal Style: 8-Pin, Octal Plug-In. Maximum Switching Voltage: 300V. Full Featured: Locking Pushbutton, LED, Test Button, Removable ID Tag, Flag Indicator,

Finger-Grip Cover. *Wire-Cuts can take H782 Series Hermetically Sealed Electromechanical Relay Selection Guide These ice cube style relays are designed for applications Wiring Diagram Bottom View Wiring Figure 1: H782-4C3-xx and H782-4C5-xx Dimensions inches [mm] tREL-25 Relays and Timers 1-800-633-0405 RH Relays & Sockets 774 Sockets (for Blade Terminal Models) Relays Standard DIN Rail Mount 1

Finger-safe DIN Rail Mount Through Panel Mount PCB Mount RH1B SH1B-05 SH1B-O5C SH1B-51 SH1B-62 1. DIN Rail mount socket comes with two horseshoe clips. Do not use unless you plan to insert pullover wire spring. Replace-ment horseshoe clip These ice cube style relays are power relays designed

for applications 78 Series Wiring Diagrams and Dimensions Wiring Diagrams (viewed from pin end) 13 14 1 9 5 (A1) (A2) AD-ASMM-24 $8.25 MOV module for 784 and 75 series relays that operate at 24VAC coil voltage. Package

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